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Board setting of X 2.9 frame released this season will be like the above illustration.
SUPER FISH can be installed at 1 point of setback position, FUSION, EDGE at 2 points of setback & center position.
Regarding the 16-17 frame, you can install it with 3 points for superfish, fusion, and edge as before.


1.カラー:X2.9 (3カラー) ・ B3.2 (1カラー) パウダーコート
2.全 長 : X2.9 (884mm) ・ B3.2 (975mm)
3.全 幅 : 280mm
3.トラック幅 : X2.9 (230mm) ・ B3.2 (150mm)
4.ハンドルバー : X2.9 (8inch 762mm アルミ) ・ B3.2 (9inch 762mm クロモリ)
5.デッキ滑り止め : X2.9 (アンチスキッドピン SUS) ・ B3.2 (デッキパッド EVA)
※両フレーム共ASW(ボルト穴の削れ防止ワッシャ アルミ)が標準装備されます。
17-18 Difference between Model X2.9 and B3.2 Frames
1.Color : X2.9 (3colors) · B3.2 (1color) Powder coatings
2.Length : X2.9 (884mm) · B3.2 (975mm)
3.Width : 280mm
4.Truck width : X2.9 (230mm) · B3.2 (150mm)
5.Handlebar : X2.9 (8inch / 762mm Alloy) · B3.2 (9inch / 762mm Cr-Mo)
6.Deck slip : X2.9 ASP (Anti skid pin SUS) · B3.2 (Deck pad EVA)
※ Both frames are equipped with a ASW (Anti shaving washer Alloy) of the bolt hole as standard.
※ The gross weight is not expressed because it will be different depending on the board being used.

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