19-20EDGE Beyond


◾️ ニュー フレーム ジオメトリー


“Beyond” model has been added to the best-selling model “EDGE” which has undergone many improvements since its debut in the 2014-15 season and has reached its maturity. The point of attention is the newly set rear board.
We changed the outline boldly and extended the edge length by 20 mm while maintaining compactness.
Result While realizing the stickiness of the edge during high-speed turn, the drop and acceleration in the second half of the turn that repulsed the repulsion by the increase of the deflection amount further improved.
Combined with the freedom of adjustment by the handling of the front board, it was possible to realize the lightness of operation and stability that is unique to “Beyond” in various situations.
The centrifugal force unique to Snowmoto can be easily done, and advanced users can also enjoy sharper turns than ever before.

◾️ New Frame geometry
The “Freestyle Frame” has a head angle of 72 ° and a rear truck of 150 mm so that it can exhibit the best performance on Pistenburn and mid-slopes with the appearance of a gravity frame from this season.
With this short position track, you can get the small turn with light operability by enjoying the torsion and bend performance of the back and forth of the rear board as much as possible.
This is a very different point from other companies’ snow bikes, and everyone will realize the difference if you compare them!

◾️Changing to New steering tube size and parts
The steering tube size and headsets style be changes. The headsets will be upgraded to internal head parts (Press-fit type) from 2020 years model. Because, It contributes to weight reduction by making the tube thin by expanding the head tube (Φ 50). The durability of the headset itself has been improved and we have gained the dual benefit of ensuring smoother rotation while preventing steering wheel deflection.

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