◾️ニュー フレーム ジオメトリー


In Japan, it remakes “Powder Master” which debuted as a 15-16 model powder model. Even though there is still a fan’s hope for revival, this season “BARRACUDA” is renamed and appears as an export-only model!
Including deep powder, back country, tight tree run, in order to exert all-round movement in all situations, the choice of short length is as short as 66 mm for Shark and 140 mm for Super fish. Moreover, the grip feeling was also improved by suppressing the tail kick to 10 mm.
The frame used for the complete model is standard equipped with a “gravity frame” to take advantage of stable slip and board characteristics with steep slopes like Super fish and Shark.

◾️New Frame geometry
“Gravity frame” the head angle has been changed from 72 ° to 69 °. Therefore the shock absorption from the road surface and realized the smooth handling improved. It improved of stability and control at steep slopes by tilting the head tube angle 69 degrees too. Also the riding position is set back about 50mm and the clearance with the steering wheel is taken widely and it is designed to be easier to control the front board.

◾️Changing to New steering tube size and parts
The steering tube size and headsets style be changes. The headsets will be upgraded to internal head parts (Press-fit type) from 2020 years model. Because, It contributes to weight reduction by making the tube thin by expanding the head tube (Φ 50). The durability of the headset itself has been improved and we have gained the dual benefit of ensuring smoother rotation while preventing steering wheel deflection.

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